Who is a LUCKY Day recipient?

We believe our kids create their own “luck” by striving to be the best in their community. Even our students in the most dire situations show a level of interest in their own personal success that leads us to believe that they are leveling up themselves and their community. Whether they have created their own service project or are an awesome big sibling, cook dinner for a grandparent, or walk the neighborhood dogs we believe all of these are examples of being a positive member of the community.

Our recipients also stand out in their sport of play. LUCK recipients may be the star athlete. They have been dedicated to their craft and it shows. We want to hear about those putting in the time to be at the top of their game.

Sportsmanship is a big deal to us! Your child may not be the most athletic or the star of the game but they attend every practice, always encourage their teammates, and even stay late to get in some extra reps to improve their game. This is the type of child that makes a perfect LUCK candidate. We want to work hands on with them to improve their game and recognize their contribution to the healthy atmosphere of their team.