What Do We Do?

LUCK provides opportunities to connect those we serve with professional athletes (LUCK pros), local athletes (LUCK leaders), and community coaches (LUCK coaches), and volunteers (LUCK volunteers). There are three ways for recipients to experience being a Level Up Community Kid.

LUCKY Day (Level Up Community Kid Youth Services Day)

LUCK recipients get to spend a one-on-one day with a professional athlete in their sport of choice.

LUCKY Day Program

LUCK recipients are invited for a unique one day experience with athletes in our community. These athletes include professional, local athletes, coaches, and trained or vetted volunteers.


A group of LUCK recipients have a one week long interactive experience with professional athletes working on personal development and athletic improvement. Throughout the week the campers are trained on how to make nutritious meal, meal prepping, and the benefits of various healthy lifestyle choices. The week also includes team building activities and opportunities for campers to bond and gain closer friendship with others who have a like mind and care about their athletic development.