• Corporate collaborations combine your company’s generous giving with LUCK to help provide a unique learning experience that can lead to life-changing results. Make it your business to get involved in making a better future for USA kids.

  • Community partners with LUCK unite to offer the opportunity for staff of your organization to make an impact in your community. Volunteering with children in your own local area improves the quality of life for children directly around you.
  • Your employees can experience building relationships and trust through the team building activity of volunteering.
  • To find out more about how to make a local impact please contact or connect with an on-site location in your area.
  • To find out more about how to make a global impact please contact
  • High-level officers from your organization can be considered for Board membership at local LUCK offices. If a member of your staff is interested in becoming a member or officer please have them contact for consideration. Board members help develop LUCK days and programs creating healthier happier kids around the USA.

  • Are you currently a foundation who wants to partner on a LUCK day, camp, or program? To find out more on how we can collaborate to make a difference in our community please contact