LUCK recipients get to spend a one-on-one day with a professional athlete in their sport of choice. A child might get to go to the movies, have a plan-date at the park, lunch or even get to go to work with their pro. Ahh the end of the day the pro will give a kid signed memorabilia, answer any remaining questions the child might have to help their development, and end the day with a selfie.

LUCKY Day Programs
A group of LUCK recipients are invited for a unique one day experience with athletes in our community. A Lucky Day Program usually consist of a day with attendees greeted by our LUCK team. The day campers start the day with motivational words of encouragement from one of our professional athletes. Then they are off to enjoy a day of field day activities feature professional athletes and local athletes who can help show kids proper ways to exercise and play safe. A nutritional lunch and snack are included in the day. Each camper is entered into a raffle to win a LUCKY Day with our featured professional athlete.

LUCKY Day Camps
A group of LUCK recipients have a one week long interactive experience with professional athletes. During the camp we focus on personal development and athletic improvement. We discover what are the child’s personal developmental goals. Then we map out a set of steps expected to help achieve success. We have found that when we show interest in what the child want, we gain their by-in helping their own self development. When children are treated with love and respect they match that which is given striving to achieve even higher because expectations for their success have been emphasized not only in the home but now an outside support system. It is our goal to act as a liaison between the child, home, and community to develop the child into their perfect vision of a healthy, happy, interactive citizen.
Athletic development consist of proper nutrition, core exercises, and elevated position specific training. We bring in top ranked chefs to speak to the kids about meals that can help increase energy, burn fat, and build muscle. Each athlete learns exercises meant to help accelerate their highest potential in their sport of choice. This makes each child better grasp the dynamics of the position aiding in safety and maximum performance training.