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LUCK Professional Athletes

Whether you are a current professional athlete or a veteran we want qualified individuals who match our core values of enhancing youth’s personal and athletic development through listening, spending time, and training each child in the area they are actively trying to improve.

LUCK athlete

Have you graduated from high school and loved your experience with LUCK? Or where you a high school athlete who now wants to help train others in the area you excelled? Well you too can now be apart of our team that gives back to the youth in our community.

There are three ways you can give back:

1. One-on-one mentoring

2. Camp Speaker

3. Volunteer at a program or camp

Note: If you where not a LUCK recipient you will need to provide a letter of reference from your high school coach stating your contribution to the team and any accolades received while playing.

LUCK coach

Do you have coaching experience and want to give back to your local community? Become a LUCK coach today!


Do you love kids and want to help by volunteering to make a LUCKY DAY, Program, or Camp possible? After passing a background check we will contact you on how you can help a child achieve their dreams of connecting with a pro and developing into a healthier version of themselves.

Become a Preferred Destination

Do you want LUCK in your neighborhood? Briefly tell us why your community needs a LUCK day, program, or camp.


Donating is a gift that becomes a dream realized for a deserving child. Your donation is directly linked to creating an experience for a child that will positively impact their future forever. Make a donation today and invest in a brighter world tomorrow.


Partner with LUCK to raise money for your local high school, organization, or service idea. When you partner with LUCK to raise money 10% of the proceeds will go back to your group to plan a LUCK experience of your own or any other service project for your local community.

Products and Promotions

You can help support LUCKY Day granting by shopping for products offered by LUCK. Display your support for LUCK by purchasing products such as hats, pins, t-shirts, and other gift items in our LUCK shopping center.