Who is eligible?
1. Any child facing extreme hardship who has reached the age of 4 and is younger than 18 at the time of referral is potentially eligible for a Lucky Day.
2. Any child who has reached the age of 4 and is younger than 18 at the time of referral who has been nominated by a member of the community for the child’s outstanding commitment to the community through service, athletic performance, or sportsmanship.

How we determine eligibility?
After we receive a chili’s referral, LUCK will work with our board made of kids, parents, athletes, and local community members to determine the child’s eligibility. A part of our election process is contacting references (e.g. physicians, pastors, teachers, etc.), and reviewing all related material such as submitted videos, and all other pertaining records.
  • 3 reference letters
  • written account of hardship
  • video detailing showcases the child giving back to the community, athletic achievements or sportsmanship
  • Physician recommendation

*We cannot guarantee each child referred will get a LUCKY Day.*

Types of requests
1. Meet the athlete, coach, or pro
2. Get video from athlete, coach, or pro
3. Go to athletes, coach, or pro’s game
4. Personal letter from athlete, coach, or pro
5. Lunch with athlete, coach, or pro
6. Do something personal or unique with athlete, coach, or pro
7. Autograph memorabilia
8. Child mentioned on athlete, coach, or pro’s YouTube channel
9. Child mentioned on athletes social media

Eligibility requests
It is our hope to serve every child who wants a LUCKY Day experience. In order to make this happen we ask each child to submit a 3 their request of things they want to do for their day. For example, Jiya might want swim lessons from her favorite olympic swimmer, with an autographed picture, and personalized letter. We will do our best to make one or all three of those things happen for our top picks and hopefully all who make a request.